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Resources for Employer Breastfeeding Policies

In Washington State, the Breastfeeding Coalition of Washington (BCW) is the top resource for employers planning to set workplace policies to support breastfeeding. Their resources and trainings designed around the Business Case for Breastfeeding highlight the financial benefits of creating a breastfeeding-friendly workplace.

With their Breastfeeding-Friendly Employer Project BCW outlines the benefits of setting up designated lactation rooms and providing schedule flexibility to employees.

The benefits include:

  • Increased retention of skilled workers after the birth of their children.
  • Less leave taken by parents of breastfed infants, since breastfed infants are more resistant to illness.
  • Higher job productivity, employee satisfaction and morale.
  • Enhanced loyalty among employees.

BCW provides a Breastfeeding Friendly Employer Checklist with suggestions, resources and examples of written policies to support employees who are nursing mothers.


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