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“Breastfeeding Welcome Here” Campaign in the South Sound

Last summer the South Sound Breastfeeding Network (SSBN) launched a Breastfeeding Welcome Here campaign to foster a supportive environment for breastfeeding. By making the community more breastfeeding friendly to families, the campaign aims to encourage more women to breastfeed their babies and to breastfeed for a longer duration.  

International Breastfeeding SymbolThrough the campaign, local businesses are encouraged to display the International Breastfeeding Symbol in a prominent place. The symbol identifies locations where mothers can breastfeed comfortably and helps to build public awareness and acceptance of breastfeeding. The symbol can now be found at a range of businesses including the Olympia Food Coop, Olympia Farmers Market, Lincoln Options Elementary School, Thurston County Health Department, South Puget Sound Community College YMCA Child Care Center and Parent Education Department, and Judy's Intimate Apparel.

The campaign also encourages businesses to adopt breastfeeding friendly practices and policies. The voluntary guidelines include:

  • Display the international breastfeeding symbol to communicate that breastfeeding is welcomed within the establishment and mothers will not be harassed, treated poorly, and asked to leave, cover up or move as a result of breastfeeding.
  • Provide a designated breastfeeding area that is quiet, clean and private. Offer amenities such as a comfortable chair, electrical outlet for pumping, changing table, and access to hand-washing facilities.
  • What is happening in other areas?

    Across the State: The Washington State WIC program has made 6,500 free window clings with the international breastfeeding symbol available by request at local WIC clinics throughout the state.

    King County: With funding from La Leche League USA, Emily Healy, a leader at La Leche League of South Seattle produced and launched a campaign to distribute more than 100 signs to King county businesses. Learn more (See pg 6, gray box)

  • Establish an official policy on breastfeeding. Actively educate employees about the policy and post it where employees can see it.
  • Support breastfeeding employees by offering flexible scheduling options, frequent breaks, a place to pump, and a place to store breast milk.

To reach business leaders, SSBN joined the local Chamber of Commerce and exhibited at its trade show. Visibility at the trade show helped to give the cause respectibility while extending the campaign's reach.


The South Sound Breastfeeding Network is a non-profit organization with members who are Department of Health staff, local WIC staff, La Leche League leaders, lactation consultants and other health care providers, and parents who support breastfeeding in the South Sound area.

Target Audience

Families, businesses, employers


South Sound Region, Thurston County

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