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Moses Lake Trails Team Successes

The Moses Lake Trails Planning Team is creating a network of linked paths throughout Moses Lake for exercise, recreation, transportation and tourism. To promote healthier lifestyles, the community is working to increase the use of the city’s walking and biking trails. The Team’s master plan for an integrated trail system was adopted by the Moses Lake City Council as part of the Parks and Recreation Comprehensive Plan and by Grant County as part of the 6-year road plan in 2005. A recent success of the program, the completion of the Dogwood Court crossing project, was celebrated in a formal dedication ceremony in April. Several other projects are being completed with the help and support of civic groups, volunteers, local businesses and community leaders. Moses Lake’s trails and the work of the Trails Team will be showcased in the Healthy Communities’ sponsored Family Triathlon on June 10th and 11th.


Monitoring progress toward the master plan objectives, including documenting trail usage.


Healthy Communities Moses Lake, Moses Lake City Council , Moses Lake Parks and Recreation Department, Washington State Department of Transportation, Washington State Department of Health, Safe Routes to School, Local Businesses, and Civic Groups.

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