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Local Partners Influence Built Environment: Seniors Set SAIL

Local partners of the plan promote healthy living by influencing budget decisions. To help seniors “Stay Active and Independent for Life” (SAIL) Washington communities are investing in specialized exercise trails in outdoor locations. As noted in CDC’s Community Guide, when communities change their environments to make it easier to be active, people move more. For seniors, some physical activities can help to prevent falls in addition to preventing or reducing chronic diseases like diabetes.

SAIL trails have stations with sturdy wood bars and surfaces, along with signs, to lead seniors through eight exercises. SAIL exercises are designed to help people with balance, strength and flexibility, but anyone would benefit from using the SAIL exercise stations. The course includes stations for: marching in place, arm circles, toe stands, standing on one leg, standing heel-to-toe without support, pushups against a wall, squats and lunges. Signs include instructions and exercise goals such as 10-12 front lunges and 10-12 side lunges.

SAIL Trail stations and signs have been installed at the Lacey Senior Center, the Twin Cities Senior Center in Chehalis and the Olympia boardwalk. Snohomish County has requested 18 locations for the SAIL installation. Outdoor trails cost about $1,000 in materials. Communities must provide their own funding and labor for the installation, and purchase the signs from Physicians of Southwest Washington. Proceeds benefit their foundation and are tax deductible.


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For More Information:
  • Dave Hughes, Physicians of Southwest Washington, 360-786-8690. Foundation website coming soon.