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State Park Pass Now Transferable

Discovery Pass

Hikers now have improved access to state parks and trails, thanks to the Legislature’s approval of HB 2373. The bill permits purchasers of the Washington Discover Pass to enter two license plate numbers on the pass instead of just one. That way, families or friends can use the $30 year-long pass in either of two vehicles, whether it is a minivan for a group camping trip or a four-wheel-drive vehicle for rougher terrain.

“Our members said that being able to use the pass with either of two vehicles would be more convenient,” says Jonathan Guzzo, advocacy director for the Washington Trails Association. “When state agencies began to plan fixes to the Discover Pass, they came to Washington Trails Association to get a sense of what our members wanted, and their requested legislation has reflected what we told them.”

The Washington Discover Pass is the entry ticket to 115 state-managed recreational sites. Hikers can purchase one at any of 600 vendor stations, including some state parks, or online.

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