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Using Art to Promote Exercise at Wenatchee Valley Medical Center

Photo of mural
Students Painting Mural

Adding aesthetic appeal to stairwells using artwork and music can encourage stair usage[1]. With that goal in mind, high school and college students created a stairwell mural at the Wenatchee Valley Medical Center.  The mural covers three floors and depicts colorful landscapes and opportunities for active living. The project was designed to:

  • Promote workplace exercise as a means of addressing obesity and diabetes
  • Develop and designate a stairway for use as a worksite exercise location to support workplace health initiatives
  • Educate people about Steps to a Healthier Chelan, Douglas and Okanogan County
  • Deliver Steps’ mission and message through visual art

The project proved to be extremely appealing to the employees and patients at WVMC and can be easily replicated in many settings.



Wenatchee Valley Medical Center, Chelan Douglas Health District, , Wenatchee High School, Eastmont High School, Wenatchee Valley Community College, Steps to a Healthier Chelan Douglas Okanogan County


A formal assessment of the mural’s impact on stairwell use has not been planned. Subjective feedback regarding the mural’s motivational impact has been very positive and the stairwell will provide physical activity opportunities for a worksite wellness group beginning next year.
[1] Kerri N. Boutelle, PhD, Robert W. Jeffery, PhD, David M. Murray, PhD, and M. Kathryn H. Schmitz, PhD, MPH Using Signs, Artwork, and Music to Promote Stair Use in a Public Building. Am J Public Health. 2001 December; 91(12): 2004–2006.

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