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Surgeon General Sees Benefits of Walking

Surgeon General Regina M. Benjamin will issue a call to action on walking this summer. To prepare, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the Department of Health and Human Services requested input from partners on the following areas:

  • Barriers to walking for youth; adults; seniors; persons with developmental, injury, and chronic disease-related disabilities; racial and ethnic minorities; and low-income individuals. 
  • Evidence-based strategies for overcoming those barriers and their reach and impact to increase physical activity at the population level and among the above mentioned subpopulations.

The goal of overcoming barriers to moderate physical activity like walking will have both short term and long term economic benefits. According to James Kissee, Physical Activity Coordinator for the Healthy, Eating Active Living program of the Washington State Department of Health, “The goal here is to make communities more liveable – and that will have an economic impact. In the near term, communities will invest in sidewalks and trails.” Kissee goes on to say, “In the longer term, the walkable communities will be more attractive as places to live and work, and the health of the residents will reduce health care costs.”

Surgeon General Benjamin has promoted fitness and walking since she took office in 2010. Soon after, she issued The Surgeon General’s Vision for a Healthy and Fit Nation and has been hosting one mile walks on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Dr. Benjamin’s office partners with the Everybody Walk! Collaborative and America Walks, which encourage investment in the built environment to help people walk more.

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