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WSU Spokane Students Partner with Hillyard Community to Create an Active Environment

Washington State University Spokane Interdisciplinary Design students are partnering with the the members of Spokane's Hillyard community to develop ideas for the neighborhood's revitalization. On January 10th, students toured the area and participated in a charrette to learn what their designs needed to incorporate. Student teams were challenged to develop designs that would support an active and vibrant community that is pedestrian friendly and energy-efficient while meeting the daily needs of all age groups. Suggested features included a predominantly pedestrian business district and a metropolitan agricultural base that increases fresh food availability. The teams presented their design scenarios to a panel of judges comprised of Hillyard residents, business owners and local design professionals on Jan. 12th.

The results of the charrette served as the basis for a semester long project involving the development of a master plan that considers the economic and social revitalization of Hillyard. Students presented the master plan to the community on March 2 and were asked to explore specific areas of the plan in greater detail. Each student will provide a detailed design presentation for a selected site or structure at the conclusion of the spring semester. These detailed plans will complete the package of products for Hillyard residents to consider in their revitalization project. 


WSU Spokane Interdisciplinary Design Institute, Hillyard business owners, the Neighborhood Association, Spokane County Public Health, Spokane Planning and Spokane Neighborhood Business Centers Program, Spokane Economic Development, and Spokane Healthy Communities Project.

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Spokane's Hillyard neighborhood

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