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Complete Streets Ordinance Adopted in Redmond

"Complete Streets" legislation aims to ensure that public roads and transportation facilities meet the needs of all users, enable safe access for people of all ages and abilities, and encourage physical activity.

In September 2007, the City of Redmond became the third community in the Puget Sound Region to adopt a complete streets ordinance. Similar measures have been enacted in Seattle and Kirkland and are being considered in Auburn, Renton, and Shoreline.

Redmond's ordinance is consistent with the city's Comprehensive Plan and Transportation Master Plan. It is intended to clarify and formalize the city's commitment to construct facilities for all users. The ordinance states:

12.06.10 Complete the Streets
The City of Redmond will plan for, design and construct all new transportation projects to provide appropriate accommodation for bicyclists, pedestrians, transit users and persons of all abilities in comprehensive and connected networks.

Section 12.06.20 Exceptions
Facilities for bicyclists, pedestrians, transit users and/or people of all abilities are not required to be provided:

(a) Where their establishment would be contrary to public health and safety;

(b) Where there is no identified long-term need; or

(c) Where the Public Works Director grants a documented exception which may only be authorized in specific situations where conditions warrant. Such site-specific exceptions shall not constitute general changes to the standards set in RMC 12.06.10.


City of Redmond, Redmond Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee, Redmond Planning and Public Work Committee, Cascade Bicycle Club and Transportation Choices Coalition

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