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Senate Bill 5186

In 2005, the Washington State Legislature passed Enhanced Senate Bill 5186 that requires communities to consider urban planning approaches that promote physical activity, including a bicycle and pedestrian component. Community partners are working to clarify what the bill requires to city planners and identify some best practices for compliance.

The WA State Department of Community, Trade and Economic Development worked with other community partners to interpret the implications of ESSB 5186 for city planners. CTED will provide technical assistance, including examples of policies of bicycling and pedestrian plans from Washington communities, and assistance in implementing plans for development and regulation.


WA State Department of Transportation, WA State Department of Health, WA State Department of Community, Trade and Economic Development, Washington Coalition to Promote Physical Activity, National Park Service, Feet First


Number of communities that go forward to add sidewalks and bike-friendly trails to encourage walking among residents.

Target Audience

City and community planners and policymakers


Washington State

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