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"In Motion" Encourages Active Transportation Options

Through the In Motion program, King County Metro partners with local communities and neighborhoods to encourage alternatives to driving alone. The program aims to help individuals learn about and try active or public transit options when commuting or running everyday errands.

The program uses community-based social marketing strategies. Materials including neighborhood maps and prompts are tailored to the needs and motivations of local communities. Community residents can opt to participate at levels ranging from seeking information on healthy travel options to pledging to make travel changes. Projects partner with local businesses and organizations to obtain sponsorship and increases the visibility of program information. Participants also receive incentives such as bus tokens or gift certificates to local businesses.

Since 2003, twelve communities across the county have participated in the program. The average results for In Motion programs are:

  • participation rates between 8% and 10% of the households contacted
  • reported changes of 20% fewer drive-alone trips
  • corresponding increases in busing, biking, ridesharing and walking
  • increased openness to using alternative modes more often.

King Country Metro has developed a do-it-yourself Kit with information on how to set objectives and target the audience, incorporate pledges and incentives, create program materials including direct mail, community posters and yard signs, involve local organizations and businesses and evaluate project results. Examples of successful program materials are also available on the site.

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