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Port Townsend Citizens Advocate for Safe Non-Motorized Transportation

As a citizen advisory group to the Port Townsend City Council, the Non-Motorized Transportation Advisory Board (NMTAB) promotes facilities, policies, and programs that encourage walking and bicycling. Sponsorship of the Walk Across Washington-Port Townsend segment in October 2005 provided an opportunity for NMTAB to increase visibility of its work and familiarity with local trails. To advance its work, NMTAB is starting a trail maintenance nonprofit group and has requested alerts from the city when there is request to vacate a street, an indication of a potential trail building opportunity.  Additionally, NMTAB is working with the Port Townsend Bicycle Association to develop a bicycle safety education program that will be funded and implemented by the City before a mandatory helmet ordinance goes into effect in June 2007.  NMTAB and other community groups were opposed the ordinance and asked for a city-wide education program to increase safety and be supportive of cycling.


NMTAB partnered with the City of Port Townsend and the Association of Washington Cities to sponsor the Walk Across Washington-Port Townsend segment.  NMTAB is working with Friends of Port Townsend Trails to develop the trail maintenance program.


Participation in the Walk Across Washington-Port Townsend segment was evaluated using a survey form provided by the Association of Washington Cities. The trail maintenance group and the bicycle safety education program are in the development stages.

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