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Smart Screen Time Initiatives in Washington State

Smart Screen Time


Screen Time and The Washington State
Nutrition & Physical Activity Plan

"Provide opportunities to replace sedentary behaviors, such as watching television, with physical activity" is one of the Plan's priority recommendations for increasing children's physical activity opportunities. This special edition of Partners in Action highlights the many ways that this recommendation is being implemented throughout the state. Please read on to learn how smart screen time is being promoted by partners across the state.

The Goal of Smart Screen Time Initiatives

Smart use of screens encourages more healthful eating and physical activity, improves social environments and enhances academic performance. Smart screen time initiatives build the capacity for individuals, families, institutions and communities to develop, implement and evaluate screen time policies.Screen Time Policies: Settings, Policy Makers & Model for Change

Screen Time Initiatives in Washington State

Showcase of programs and activities that foster smart screen time policies in varied settings throughout Washington State.

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Research Projects

Unplugged and Media Savvy: Reducing the Impact of "Screen" Time - Unplugged is a project funded by the National Institute of Health to develop and test interventions to reduce screen time and minimize the impact of media promotion of foods. Read More

30 Days Live - Thirty-day screen-free intervention project targeting 4th, 5th and 6th graders conducted in 2003 and 2005 by Dr. Barbara Brock. Read More

Washington Summit on Smart Screen Time Recap

More than 120 professionals, educators, and public health practioners attended a day-long summit in May to exchange information about the impact of screen time in childhood. Participants discussed opportunities and strategies to develop a comprehensive and coordinated approach to promoting smart use of screens for Washington's children.

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Additional Resources & Regional/National Initiatives

Books, reports, and initiatives based outside of Washington that were shared at the WA Summit on Smart Screen Time. | Books & Reports | Regional/National Initiatives |