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Smart Screen Time Initiatives in Washington State

Smart Screen Time


Screen Time Policies

Boy watching tvThe goal of smart screen time initiatives is to build the capacity for individuals, families, institutions and communities to develop, implement, and evaluate screen time policies.

Policy Settings: Homes, child care, school, libraries, community centers, faith-based institutions, health care, youth programs.

Policy Makers: Parents, program directors, school teachers and administrators

Model of Stages of Policy Change


Examples of Promotional Activities

1. Build awareness of a need for change Inform about benefits of mindful use of screens
2. Generate policy alternatives Provide opportunities to learn about placement of screens in bedrooms, media diaries, etc.
3. Select appropriate policies Provide opportunities to discuss and choose policies that work for a specific family, institution or community
4. Implement policies Support families, institutions or communities who are making changes to reduce use of screens
5. Evaluate policies Gather information to assess the impact of previous steps.