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Archived Webinars

Keeping Kids Moving: How Equitable Transportation Policy Can Reverse Childhood Obesity

The latest RWJF Center webinar series on transportation and its connection to childhood obesity concluded on October 21, 2010. The sessions in the series were "Feet to the Streets: Alternatives to Motorized Transportation," "On the Go: Complete Streets and Public Transportation," "Hide and Seek: Where is Your School and How Do You Get There?," and, "Ready, Set, Go: Transportation Reauthorization."
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Making the Grade: Reversing Childhood Obesity in Schools Webinar Series

This webinar series (May-Jun 2010) hosted by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Center to Prevent Childhood Obesity includes: "Evaluating how Industry Markets Food to Children," "Revisiting Recess," and "The Connection between Physical Activity and Academic Achievement."
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NASBE Webinar: School Wellness Policy Leadership: Improving physical activity and physical education from state policy to school practices

This webinar focused on Hawaii’s and Tennessee’s physical activity/physical education policies by using the “through-line” analytical method, an educational leadership model that states, school districts and schools can use to align policies, practices and actions related to school wellness. The program features the key leadership and learning factors necessary for successful policy implementation.

Bridging Food Systems and Public Health: A Closer Look at the JHEN Special Issue - Webinar

This Webinar hosted by IATP Food and Society Fellows in February 2010 offers an overview of "Food Systems and Public Health: Linkages to Achieve Healthier Diets and Healthier Communities," a recent double issue of the Journal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition (JHEN). This webinar gives an overview of this issue, a discussion on the state of the science, and an exploration of policy opportunities to develop healthier diets and healthier communities.
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Making Schools the Model for Healthier Environments Webinar Series

This 4 part Webinar series (Feb-Apr 2010) hosted by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Center to Prevent Childhood Obesity discusses initiatives currently underway to ensure that schools become the standard for healthy eating and active living. Past Webinars include: "Setting the Standard: What Schools Are Doing about Competitive Foods" and "Let’s Get Physical: Being Active to Reverse Child Obesity."

Safe Routes Coaching Action Network Webinars

The National Center for Safe Routes to School partners with America Walks to offer a series of SRTS-related Webinars on topics such as connecting safe routes to school and health, school bicycle and walking policies, safe routes to school in rural communities, and other topics to support program planning and outreach.

Let's End the Childhood Obesity Epidemic Webinar Series

A 12-Week Webinar series (Sept-Dec 2009) hosted by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Center to Prevent Childhood Obesity focused on childhood obesity research, advocacy, and current hot topics in the field.

National Collaborative on Childhood Obesity Research Policy Evaluation Webinars

To advance childhood obesity research, the NCCOR Conference Series Workgroup identifies issues that are appropriate and relevant to researcher audiences. Recent webinars include: "Measurement of Active and Sedentary Behaviors: Closing the Gaps in Self-Report Methods" and a series on Policy Evaluation.

Past Events

Revised State Plan Launch & Regional Obesity Prevention Meetings
In a series of regional meetings the, the Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity Prevention Program (NPAO) at the Washington State Department of Health introduced community partners to new data about obesity in our state and the revised Washington State Nutrition and Physical Activity Plan.
Jul - Dec 2008

Local Food Policy Councils: Getting Started Workshop
Teams from 12 Washington counties gathered for a workshop featuring national and regional local food policy experts who shared their experiences and lessons learned. Presentations and materials from the workshop are available. May 2008

Washington State Smart Screen Time Summit
The University of Washington Center for Public Health Nutrition and the Washington State Department of Health hosted this day-long summit to exchange information about the impact of screen time in childhood. Presentations and materials are available. May 2007