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Access to Healthy Foods in Washington -- Report


Target Setting

Statewide food system

Who is it for

Public health practitioners, policy makers, and community partners


Full report available as downloadable pdfs.

Developed BY

Center for Public Health Nutrition University of Washington

For more information:
Mary Podrabsky, Director of School and Community Initiatives, UW Center for Public Health Nutrition

On June 22, 2010, the statewide Access to Healthy Foods Coalition convened the Food Strategies Summit in Seattle. The goal of the Summit was to bring together diverse stakeholders to plan ways to strengthen the state's food system. The Access to Healthy Foods Coalition* is a group of businesses, industries, government agencies and non-profit organizations working together to positively influence health and nutrition in Washington state by improving access to healthier foods.

The Center for Public Health Nutrition presented a report called Opportunities for Increasing Access to Healthy Foods in Washington. To prepare the report, Center staff interviewed 65 leaders and stakeholders representing all components of Washington's food system from production to waste management. The stakeholders identified:
1) Perceived barriers and enhancers of access to healthy foods from multiple points of view; 2) Perceived opportunities to improve access; and 3) Current involvement in initiatives to improve access to healthy foods. Center staff also reviewed over 100 sets of recommendations to improve access to healthy foods that have been put forth by experts in nutrition, planning, agriculture, economics and public health. Based on the interviews and the expert recommendations, the Center prepared a report that highlights strategies that can be used to improve Washington's food system.

Presented by:

  • Donna Johnson, RD, PhD, Associate Director, Center for Public Health Nutrition
  • Mary Podrabsky, RD, MPH, Director of School and Community Initiatives Center for Public Health Nutrition  

During the Summit, Governor Christine Gregoire signed an Executive Order directing state agencies to collaborate with non-governmental organizations to strengthen the state’s food policy, programs and address other food-related issues. The order is called “Strengthening Washington’s Food Systems through Policy and Collaboration.” Read the Executive Order

*The Coalition dissolved in 2013.