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Tools for Assessment & Evaluation


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Cities, Counties, States

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Policymakers, public health practitioners, policy advocates


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Demonstrating the effectiveness of your nutrition or physical activity initiatives requires assessment and evaluation. Use the resources linked below to read about evaluation planning and implementation to be able to demonstrate your impact.


  • Assessment: Provides an understanding of the situation. It can involve audience research to determine who needs the program/intervention, the extent of the need, and how it will be met.
  • Evaluation: Measures the direct effect/output of a project and how much was accomplished. Changes can be ….
  • Logic Model: A tool showing the direct relationship between program inputs, implementation and outputs with the intended outcomes/impacts. A logic model is usually presented in a brief, visually accessible format, and can be accompanied by a narrative.

Steps to Evaluation Planning

  1. Identify and engage stakeholders.
  2. Identify program elements to monitor.
  3. Select the key evaluation questions.
  4. Determine how the information will be gathered.
  5. Develop a data analysis and reporting plan.
  6. Ensure use and share lessons learned.


Resources for Assessment and Evaluation

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