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Food System Improvement Toolkit


Target Setting

Statewide food system

Who is it for

Policy makers, and community partners


Downloadable pdf.

Developed BY

Washington State Department of Health, Healthy Eating Active Living Program, 360-236-3754

The Washington State Department of Health Healthy Eating Active Living Program is proud to introduce the Growing Nourishing Food Systems Guide. This toolkit describes policies that promote a food system that supports healthy eating. Successful policy development needs careful thought on community needs, feasibility of implementation and enforcement. This guide does not intend to mandate policy changes, and is not a comprehensive manual for local policy development.

This guide groups strategies and examples into the following food system categories:

  • Food Productiontoolkit_cover
  • Food Processing and Distribution
  • Food Access and Consumption
  • Food Waste Management

This is a valuable tool for food system partners interested in improving the current food system.