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Healthy Schools...Successful Students Web Site



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School administrators, staff, community supporters, parents, policy makers


Web site and listserv

The Healthy Schools...Successful Students Web Site - http://healthyschools.ospi.k12.wa.us/waschool/ - provides information and resources to support policy makers, school officials, teachers and staff, parents and advocates as they work to ensure that Washington's students are healthy and ready to learn.

The web site:

  • Supports schools as they begin implementing or continue to develop a coordinated approach to maximize the health and well-being of students and school staff.
  • Offers a venue for sharing strategies that have worked across the state.
  • Highlights opportunities to improve nutrition through all eight components of CDC's Coordinated School Health model - nutrition services, physical education, health education, health services, counseling and support services, healthy school environment, health promotion for staff, and family/community involvement.
  • Provides access to wellness policy resources and a catalog of policies and procedures from Washington's school districts.