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Joint Use Agreements for Schools and Communities: Toolkit and Sample Washington Policies


Target Setting

Communities, schools, parks and recreation

Who is it for

Policy makers, school district adminstrators


Downloadable Toolkit, Web-based document library

Developing model policies to increase access to public facilities (e.g., public school athletic facilities) for physical activity is one of the priority recommendations in the Washington State Nutrition and Physical Activity Plan.

Opening School Grounds to the Community After Hours: A Toolkit for Increasing Physical Activity through Joint Use Agreements

Public Health Law & Policy developed this toolkit to help communities and school districts work together to develop joint use agreements in order to increase access to recreational facilities on school grounds. While developed for California jurisdictions, its contents can be applied in other states.





Sample Joint Use Agreements from Washington Communities

Several communities in Washington have established formal agreements with school districts to address liability issues and other management issues associated with sharing recreational facilities. Examples of joint use agreements from communities across the state have been collected and made available in the Municipal Research and Services Center of Washington's Web-based document library.