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Rural Obesity Prevention Toolkit


Target Setting

Rural communities

Who is it for

Local coordinators


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Developed BY

Developed by the Rural Assistance Center, part of the
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Rural Initiative

The toolkit is designed to help practitioners evaluate opportunities for developing an obesity prevention program and provide resources and best practices developed by successful obesity prevention programs.

  • Module 1: Understanding Obesity
    Learn about rural obesity in the United States, so you can develop practical solutions to address it.
  • Module 2: Creating an Obesity Prevention Program: Where to Begin
    First steps in creating a rural obesity prevention program.
  • Module 3: Targeting Audiences
    Choosing the audience for your rural obesity prevention program.
  • Module 4: Evidence-Based Interventions
    Evidence-based practices for addressing rural obesity.
  • Module 5: Developing Interventions
    Using appropriate evidence-based interventions to meet your community's rural obesity prevention needs.
  • Module 6: Addressing Obesity
    Rural obesity prevention strategies for health care providers, schools and communities.
  • Module 7: Evaluating Efforts
    Evaluating rural obesity programs to help communities assess program effectiveness and build the evidence base for what works in rural communities.
  • Module 8: Prevention Clearinghouse
    Examples of rural obesity programs that have been implemented in clinical, school, and community settings.

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