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Reducing Screen Time: Resources for People Working With School Age Children


Target Setting

Out-of-school environments for school age children

Who is it for

People working with school age children


Downloadable lesson plans, presentation, and handouts

Developed BY

University of Washington Center for Public Health Nutrition

This project was supported by Cooperative Agreement Number U58/5U58DP001491-02 from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) through the Washington State Department of Health (DOH). Its contents are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of CDC or DOH.

Training Materials for After-School and Summer Care Providers

Screen TIME Matters
A PowerPoint presentation that reviews the effects of screen use in youth and provides guidelines for promoting healthy screen use habits in the out-of-school setting and at home. The trainer is encouraged to use as-is or adapt the comments in “Notes” section of each slide to fit their audiences’ needs.

Profile of Generation M2: Video
This short (~5 minute) documentary was developed by the Kaiser Family Foundation. The film interviews three teenagers and their parents about the teens’ media use habits. It is intended that this video be shown as part of the Screen TIME Matters presentation. If you have internet access in your training room, you can play it directly from this link during the presentation. If you do not have internet access during the training, you can download the MPEG file to a USB thumbdrive or burn it to a CD. This video and other M2 materials can be found on the Kaiser Family Foundation Web site.

What Out-of-School Providers Can Do to Promote Healthy Screen Time Habits
This handout provides additional tips on reducing screen time and guidelines providers can give to parents to help them promote healthy screen use habits at home. This handout is designed to be used with the “Screen TIME Matters” presentation but can be used as a stand alone resource.

Learning Resources

Powerful Choices: Healthy Living in a Media World

A media literacy curriculum containing four lessons designed for 3rd to 6th graders that encourages kids to reduce screen time, increase physical activity, and become “media savvy” and responsible consumers of screen-based media. Each lesson includes a detailed lesson plan with background information and learning objectives, activity sheets, and an optional PowerPoint presentation. Lessons 1 and 2 also include newsletters that students can share with parents to build screen time awareness at home.

  • Powerful Choices Curriculum Guide
    Includes all lesson plans, activities and handouts (PDF)
  • Optional PowerPoint Slides
    Pre-lesson PowerPoint Presentation (PPT)
    Lesson 1 PowerPoint Presentation (PPT)
    Lesson 2 PowerPoint Presentation (PPT)
    Lesson 3 PowerPoint Presentation (PPT)
    Lesson 4 PowerPoint Presentation (PPT)