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How Washington Wellness Policies Measure Up: PLAN Research Briefs


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School administrators, staff, community supporters, parents, policy makers


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University of Washington Center for Public Health Nutrition. The projects were funded by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (Healthy Eating Research and Active Living Research Programs).

PLAN Research BriefThe Policy Legislation and Nutrition (PLAN) research project examined the effects of legislation that required school districts to develop nutrition and physical activity policies. The goals of the project were to: (1) learn about strategies used to develop local school nutrition policies, the content of the policies, and how the policies were implemented and enforced; and (2) determine how school nutrition policies relate to foods sold at school and students’ diets. A supplementary study (PLAN-Plus) built upon the original grant by including measures of physical activity environments and policy quality. The one-page briefs below highlight key results and policy implications from both projects.