Western Association of Physicians

The Western Association of Physicians (WAP) is an association of academic physician-scientists who meet in Carmel each winter to discuss and present research and other educational programs.

Founded in 1955 by Robert Williams, Maxwell Wintrobe, Theodore Althausen, Joseph Ross, Clement Finch, David Rytand, John Lawrence, and Gordon Meiklejohn, the goal was to establish a western society analogous to the Association of American Physicians. Over the years the society has grown to a membership of several hundred, including many distinguished academicians from diverse areas of medicine. Our purpose remains the same -- to promote research, collaboration and education.

The mission of the Western Association of Physicians is to encourage interest in academic medicine; to foster and celebrate excellence; to encourage collaboration among members; to mentor junior faculty, residents, fellows and medical students; and to invite leading authorities to speak on topics intended to extend biomedical knowledge and improve patient care.