Frederick (Ricky) Dooley (


I am a current member of the Ward Lab and have been since 2010. I am a PhD student in the UW Biology Dept. studying evolutionary physiology. My interest includes evolution, mass extinctions, plant biology and photosynthesis. Currently I have been evaluating atmospheric variability’s with regards to plant evolution and more specifically how hydrogen sulfide affects photosynthesis, plant growth and health.


PhD Biology (IP), University of Washington Dept. of Biology
Major Advisor: Peter D. Ward
Committee Members: Rose Ann Cattolico, Rusty Rodriguez, Elizabeth VanVolkenburgh, Sandy Wyllie-Echeverria and John Baross

Bachelors of Science (2009), University of Washington, Seattle
Major: Biology with Minor in Chemistry
Mary Gate’s Scholar 2008

Bachelors of Arts (2009), University of Washington, Seattle
Major: Anthropology


Media Appearances:

Dooley F., Wyllie-Echeverria S., Ward P.D & Roth M.B. (2012) The tolerances and responses of Zostera marina seedlings to Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S); Aquatic Botany
Dooley F., Wyllie-Echeverria S. & Van Volkenburgh E. (2012) Zostera marina seed and seedling viability and the process involved in the breaking of dormancy; Seed Science (In review)
Dooley, F., Nair, S., Ward, P.D (2012). Increased growth and germination success in plants following hydrogen sulfide administration; PLoS One (In review)

Dooley F., Wyllie-Echeverria S. & Green H.G. (2011) Garrison Bay Overwater Structure Survey; National Parks Service, San Juan Island WA
Dooley, F. (2009) The Effects of Temperature on Zostera marina Seedling Development and Determination of Seed Viability; University of Washington Research Symposium Pg; 76
Dooley, F. (2008) Short Communication: The effects of temperature on Zostera marina seedling development; FHL Class Publication, San Juan Islands