Program Evaluation and Survey Research at WIMHRT

The Washington Institute for Mental Health Research & Training (WIMHRT) at the University of Washington is one of the leading survey facilities for mental health within the Pacific Northwest. Our mission is to provide an independent source for high-quality research & professional training in the field of Mental Health.

We offer:

CATI System

WIMHRT's Computerized-Assisted Telephone Interview System (CATI) is available to researchers seeking a statistically reliable and proven source for collecting survey data. Surveys are conducted on a per-project basis, using either existing survey instruments or those designed in collaboration with the Research Director and Staff.

If you have survey research to conduct in the areas of mental health, physical health, wellness, psychology, sociology, social work and related field, please consider contacting us to consult on your research design and implementation needs.

Research Staff

WIMHRT's Research Staff are available to assist you with survey research design. Depending upon your organization's needs, we can contract with you to assist in several ways:

We look forward to working with you to meet your organizational survey and program evaluation needs.

For Program Evaluation and Survey Research, please contact Dennis McBride at (253) 756-2335 or