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CATI (Survey) Employment for Consumers and Family Members at WIMHRT

WIMHRT employs mental health Consumers as Telephone Interviewers to conduct telephone surveys using the Computer-Assisted Telephone Interview (CATI) System. Click here for more information on the CATI System.

Helping Hands

Peer Counseling Training & Testing for Certification--please email Aubre Lawless for more information:

Job Opportunities for Peer Counselors

NW Seeds of Change website periodicallly lists job openings for Peer Counselors. Please click here to link to this page:

Social Networking Site--NW Seeds of Change

Social networking site for Peers and Family Members. Similar to Facebook and other social networking sites. Check it out!

Peer Support

Beginning in 2005, the Mental Health Division of the Department of Social and Health Services (now known as the Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery, DBHR) created the Peer Support program. The program's goal is to train a workforce of peer counselors, certified to work in licensed mental health agencies and their subcontractors providing peer support to mental health consumers, including the parents of children receiving mental health treatment. Peer counselors draw from their own life experiences and provide an array of supports to other consumers and/or families who are working towards recovery.

Under contract with DBHR, WIMHRT provides interactive training and testing opportunities to accepted Peer Support applicants. Eligible applicants must be self-disclosed consumers* of mental health services who are in recovery. Once an application is accepted, the applicants is placed on the waiting list for training. Applicants are then invited to training from the waiting list. Courses are free to accepted applicants and are currently offered several times a year. Additionally, some RSNs (Regional Service Networks) make Peer Support training available in their region. You may want to contact your RSN to see if they may also provide you an opportunity to be trained.

For more information about the Peer Support Program, to obtain an application for training, or for questions regarding your application or the waiting list, please contact Bonnie Staples at DBHR at or (360) 725-1883 or toll-free at 1-888-713-6010, or click here for more info at DSHS.

For more information on WIMHRT's Peer Support classes or tests, contact Aubre Lawless at

*The definition of "consumer" per Washington Administrative Code 388-865-0150, ""Consumer" means: A person who has applied for, is eligible for or who has received mental health services. For a child, under the age of thirteen, or for a child age thirteen or older whose parents or legal guardians are involved in the treatment plan, the definition of consumer includes parents or legal guardians."

Clubhouse Assistance

In 2008, the Washington State Legislature approved additions to the WA Admin Code (WAC) that established standards for clubhouses that provide psychiatric rehabilitation and recovery services to adults with psychiatric disabilities. More information on Clubhouses can be found at the International Center for Clubhouse Development website:

WIMHRT provides technical assistance and consultation to clubhouses seeking to become certified throughout the State, and continues to provide support to clubhouses in their organizational and program development efforts. Click here to go to the Resources page to view Clubhouse Curriculum and/or to download materials.

For more information, contact Jonathan Beard, LICSW, CPRP, at