The Washington Institute On-Line Training and Assessment

The Washington State Mental Health Division has contracted with the Washington Institute to support introduction of performance indicators and outcome measures for local mental health services. This web-site is designed to provide a variety of supports to this effort including definitions of select data elements, questions and answers about the elements and global rating scales required for each consumer. Scores from each of these scales will become data elements in the system. The indicators listed in this data dictionary will assist the mental health system to assure access, quality and cost effectiveness.

If used periodically, global assessment scales will serve as useful tools for planning treatment, and measuring and predicting outcomes. Three global assessment tools are included in this web-site: The Global Assessment of Function (GAF), the Children's Global Assessment Scale (C-GAS) and the PIR-GAS for infants and toddlers. The PIR-GAS is not a standard global assessment scale. It measures the relationship between the infant or toddler and its primary caretakers. These scales should be used to document level of functioning or relationship (in the case of the PIR-GAS) at the time of evaluation and at the end of treatment. Periodic interim assessments should be made for extended treatment.

On line training is not a substitute for formal education, supervision or psychiatric consultation. Qualified clinicians should conduct evaluations. The intent of this web-site is to familiarize local clinicians with the definitions of the data elements and scales and to improve inter-rater reliability of all the data elements.
Global Assessment
of Function
Children's Global
Assessment Scale

Parent-Infant Relationship Global Assessment Scale