Multisystemic Therapy & Family Integrated Transitions

Multisystemic Therapy (MST) and the adaptation of Family Integrated Transitions (FIT) are family-based preservation models designed to work with youth at high-risk of placement. The models focus on identifying the reason for at-risk behavior not only from an individual perspective, but from the larger ecological framework. This workshop will explain 1) the underlying research supporting MST/FIT, 2) an understanding of the causal model of delinquency from a social-ecological perspective, 3) how to create effective interventions via utilization of 9 principles of MST, 4) what does fidelity/adherence matter in EBP's (using MST as an example), 5) looking at barriers to case progress ('how do I know when I've lost engagement/alignment?'), 6) how to change a youth by focusing on the family.