Anne Bonds


Anne Bonds was a fellow of the West Coast Poverty Center in 2005-06 and graduated with a PhD in Geography in 2008. Anne’s dissertation research examined geographies of rural poverty and rural prisons in the rural American Northwest, particularly as prisons have increasingly become a component of rural economic development initiatives. Focusing on the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana, her dissertation examined prison growth as it has been framed as a strategy for economic development in persistently poor rural communities. Her research considered how this strategy for economic development is linked to the dynamics of economic restructuring in rural communities as limited resources, industry decline, and restricted job opportunities contribute both to the intensification of poverty and the challenges of supporting a local population with an insufficient industry and tax base.

WCPC Funded Project:

The Politics of Poverty, Prisons, and Economic Restructuring in the Rural American Northwest
Faculty Supervisor: Victoria Lawson, Department of Geography

The U.S. prison population grew by 400 percent in the last two decades; corrections services are both one of the fast growing industries in the U.S. and one of the most rapidly increasing categories of state expenditures. This study examined the siting of prisons as a component of both criminal justice policies and local economic development initiatives in poor rural communities. It compared prison industry recruitment in four communities in the Northwest to investigate the political and economic dynamics that result from the interaction of criminal justice and penal policies, increasing competition for economic development opportunities in rural communities, and rising rates of incarceration and poverty.

WCPC Seminar Series Presentation:

Dumping Grounds and Unseen Grounds: Placing Poverty, Race, and Ethnicity in the Rural American Northwest, Presented by Anne Bonds, Victoria Lawson, and Lucy Jarosz.

Current Employment:

As of 2011, Assistant Professor of Geography, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee