Anna Haley-Lock


Investigating Sate Minimum Wage Policy and Private Sector Employer Influences on the Employment Experiences of tipped Restaurant Workers
A study on minimum wage and employer pay policies for tipped workers by Assistant Professor Anna Haley-Lock, U.W. School of Social Work, moves beyond studies documenting conditions of low-wage work generally to reveal variation across employers in the conditions facing a single low-wage job. The study found notable differences in wages, fringe benefits, and employee scheduling among sites according to employer chain and state, suggesting a complex story of organizational and policy influences upon job quality and highlighting the limitations of public policies and programs to promote employment among low-skilled individuals that do not take into account the diverse job conditions those individuals face. The paper is currently under review for publication.

WCPC Seminar Series Presentation:

Serving Work: Understanding Variation in the Quality of Minimum Wage Waitstaff Jobs in Washington State, the U.S., and Canada. By Anna Haley-Lock.

WCPC Poverty Research Flash:

Waiting Tables in Two Chains and States: Investigating Front-Line Job Quality Across Organizations and Policy Contexts. By Anna Haley-Lock and Stephanie Ewert.

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