Jake Rosenfeld


Gendered Bargaining: Changing Labor Market Institutions and African-Americans in the Contemporary U.S.

Using a dataset comprised of thirty-five years of Current Population Survey (CPS) data, Jake Rosenfeld investigates unionization rates for African-Americans and others during the last decades of union decline in the U.S. and then estimates union wage premiums by race, establishing whether and to what extent African-Americans gain from unionization relative to others. Given the concentration of African-American females in the public sector, where unions remain strong, and the concentration of African-American males in the private sector industries and occupations that experienced the greatest membership declines, he hypothesizes that deunionization increases poverty and economic disadvantage disproportionately among African-American males. Similar to the rise of mass incarceration, mass deunionization represents a dramatic institutional change that has contributed to African-American male disadvantage in contemporary labor markets, simultaneously deepening poverty while widening inter-racial wage gaps.



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