Dissertation Fellows


Michelle Maroto, Ph.D Candiate, Department of Sociology
"The Scarring Effects of Bankruptcy: Cumulative Disadvantage Across Credit and Labor Markets"


Jon Agnone, Ph.D Candiate, Department of Sociology
"Race Inequality in Weath: Do Labor Unions Really Matter?"

Colleen Chrisinger, Ph.D Candidate, School of Public Affairs.
"The Impacts of Workforce Development and Wage Policies on the Economic Well-Being of Low-Income Individuals and Families"


Kelly P. McCarrier, MPH, Ph.C, Department of Health Services
"Examining the health-related effects of state-level minimum wage policies"

Deborah Warnock, Department of Sociology
"When Does Money Matter? Examining the Effect of Parents’ Perceptions of Financial Aid on Students’ College Expectations, Preparedness, and Enrollment"


Robin Anderson, Department of Economics
"Indian Gaming: Impacts on Poverty and the Income Distribution"


Ronald Caldwell, Department of Economics
"The Effects of Affirmative Action Policies in University Admissions on Human Capital Development of Minority Children: A Test of the Expectations"

Alex Morrow, Department of History
"Laboring for the Day: Casual and Migrant Workers, Urban Politics, and the Shaping of the Pacific Coast in the Mid-Twentieth Century"


Amy Bailey, Department of Sociology
"Measuring the Impact of Military Service on Residential and Socioeconomic Mobility"

Anne Bonds, Department of Geography
"Examining the Politics and Economics of Siting Prisons in Rural Communities"

Nicki Bush, Department of Psychology
"Identifying Factors that Protect Poor Children from Neighborhood Risk"

Raine Dozier, Department of Sociology
"Examining the Widening Black-White Gap in Women’s Earnings"