Poverty and Policy Small Grants


Martha J. Bailey, Assistant Professor of Economics, University Michigan.
"An American Experiment in Public Medicine: Community Health Centers and Mortality under the War on Poverty"

Lisa K. Bates, Assistant Professor of Urban Studies & Planning, Portland State University.
"What is a “good neighborhood”?: Exploring the Choices of Low Income Households in Portland"

Dina Okamoto, Associate Professor of Sociology, UC Davis.
"Creating Ties for Mobility: The Role of Community Organizations for Immigrant Parents in Urban, Poor Neighborhoods"


Michael Collins, Assistant Professor of Consumer Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison.
"The Offer and Outcomes of Loan Modifications for Low-Income and Minority Homeowners: Comparing the West and Midwest"

Tara Watson, Assistant Professor of Economics, Williams College.
"Inside the Refrigerator: Welfare Reform, Immigration, Enforcement, and Chilling Effects in Immigrant Medicaid Participation"


Colleen Heflin, Assistant Professor Truman School of Public Affairs, University of Missouri-Columbia
"State-Level Variation in Material Hardship Among Households with Children"

Anita Alves Pena, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Colorado State University
"Poverty, Legal Status, and Pay Basis in U.S. Agriculture"


Scott W. Allard, Assistant Professor of Political Science and Public Policy, Taubman Center for Public Policy, Brown University
"Out of Place: The Geography of the Safety Net in the West"

Mark Edwards, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, Oregon State University
"State Agency and NGO Impacts on Well Being of Vulnerable Populations in West Coast States: The Case of Food Insecurity and Hunger"