WCPC - Funded Research

In addition to WCPC Faculty Affiliates' ongoing research, the West Coast Poverty Center has awarded various types of grants. Our small grants and fellowships have been for new and continuing research on topics relating to the causes, consequences and effective responses to poverty in the U.S. and have supported scholars nationally and at the University of Washington. The research has covered a wide range of disciplines and issues.

Funding has been awarded through our (a) Poverty and Policy Small Grants, (b) Emerging Poverty Scholars Small Grants, (c) Dissertation Fellowships, and (d) Social Policy Research (SPR) Fellowships.
We currently do not have any of the small grants or the dissertation fellowships available.
Our SPR Fellowship program is active.
Find a description of the SPR Program here.
Find the 2012 application here.
Information on all of our past awards is available here.
The West Coast Poverty Center also presents poverty research via our Dialogues projects, Flash publications and research conferences and commissioned papers.