The WFDP is a 500 year old Douglas-fir/western hemlock forest.

Live Webcam Image

38-0504 Tsuga heterophylla, dbh 4.4 cm
38-0498 Thuja plicata, dbh 137.8 cm
38-0495 Taxus brevifolia, dbh 4.3 cm
38-0586 Pseudotsuga menziesii, dbh 127.1 cm

Site description
The WFDP is located near Carson, WA in the Research Natural Area of the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, with the plot center at 45.82°N, -121.95°W. Elevation ranges from 352 m to 385 m for a vertical relief of 33 m (Fig. 1).

Figure 1. Topography of the Wind River Forest Dynamics Plot. The 20 m grid is shown on a LiDAR-derived digital elevation model of the plot (1 m horizontal resolution). The maximum elevation within the plot is 385 m; the minimum elevation is 352 m (5 m contours shown). LiDAR-derived bare-earth model courtesy of Watershed Sciences, Corvallis, Oregon.

Figure 2. Orthophoto of the Wind River Forest Dynamics Plot. This 15 cm resolution orthophoto matches the spatial extent of the topography in Fig. 1 (5 m contours superimposed). Orthophoto courtesy of Watershed Sciences, Corvallis, Oregon.


Figure 2.
Shrubs and Coarse Woody Debris

Figure 1. Patches of continuous shrub cover and downed logs with the largest dimension of their large end >50 cm. The shrubs and downed wood are important factors in tree demography.

Data sets
The WFDP was established around two existing permanent plots at the Wind River Field Station. A 4 ha plot around the Wind River Canopy Crane (now the Wind River NEON instrument tower) was established in 1994 (now in the northeast corner of the WFDP), and a larger 12 ha plot was established in 1999 (the eastern half of the WFDP).
Censuses at the WFDP
Year 4 ha plot 12 ha plot WFDP
1994 Full    
1996 Mortality    
1997 Mortality    
1998 Mortality    
1999 Full Full  
2000 Mortality    
2001 Mortality    
2002 Mortality    
2003 Mortality    
2008 Full    
2009 Mortality    
2010 Full Full Half
2011     Full
2012 Mortality/Ingrowth Mortality/Ingrowth Mortality/Ingrowth
2013 Mortality/Ingrowth Mortality/Ingrowth Mortality/Ingrowth
2014 Mortality/Ingrowth Mortality/Ingrowth Mortality/Ingrowth
Woody plant species
Species Family
Abies amabilis Pinaceae
Abies grandis Pinaceae
Abies procera Pinaceae
Acer circinatum Sapindaceae
Acer glabrum Sapindaceae
Alnus rubra Betulaceae
Amelanchier alnifolia Rosaceae
Corylus cornuta var. californica Betulaceae
Cornus nuttallii Cornaceae
Gaultheria shallon Ericaceae
Holodiscus discolor Rosaceae
Lonicera ciliosa Caprifoliaceae
Menziesia ferruginea Ericaceae
Oemleria cerasiformis Rosaceae
Pinus monticola Pinaceae
Pseudotsuga menziesii Pinaceae
Rhododendron macrophyllum Ericaceae
Rhamnus pursiana Rhamnaceae
Rosa gymnocarpa Rosaceae
Rubus spectabalis Rosaceae
Taxus brevifolia Taxaceae
Thuja plicata Cupressaceae
Tsuga heterophylla Pinaceae
Vaccinium membranaceum Ericaceae
Vaccinium ovalifolium Ericaceae
Vaccinium parvifolium Ericaceae
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