We have 3 sets of equipment.

Set One

Set Two

Set Three

The equipment you'll get has three components.

1. The laptop

You know what a laptop is.

All the laptops run Windows XP and have been configured so you don't need a password to log on. Each laptop also comes with various power cables. The power of your average laptop is under 2 hours, so keep the laptop plugged in unless you're in the car.

2. The Wifi card

A wifi card is a wireless network adapter that plugs into an open PCMCIA slot in a laptop. I will show you how this works during training. Here is an example of what one looks like:

The side that is not blue, or that does not light up, is the side that plugs into the computer.

3. The GPS unit

A GPS unit is a nifty device that syncs up with satellites to determine the Global Positioning (i.e. latitude and longitude) of a location. Here is a picture of a GPS unit:

We have three GPS units:


Here is a trashy picture of how the equipment goes together:

Note that only one laptop requires the serial-to-USB converter.

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