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Washington State is fast becoming one of the largest producers of premium wines. With that growth comes the need to ensure all winery employees stay healthy and safe. Workplace accidents and injuries can have a huge financial and emotional impact on the injured worker and their families, and also the winery.

The purpose of this guide is to provide general information for Washington wineries that are developing or improving their health and safety programs. It is primarily targeted toward small and medium sized wineries, although larger commercial wineries may find useful information. The information is geared towards wine production, rather than vineyard work, and can be used as a companion to the specific guidelines on safety programs published by the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries (L&I), Division of Occupational Health and Safety (DOSH) or by wine trade organizations. Having a safe winery benefits employers and employees by creating a positive work environment and reducing injury claims, potentially improving the quality of the product produced.

This Guide is organized to help you access information by production process and by specific Health and Safety (H&S) program elements. It is designed to assist the winery owner or manager, employees, and volunteers recognize process-specific hazards. It also provides ideas on what to do about those hazards. Resources, or links to resources, for employee training are also included.