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   Coming up...
Lauren Grant
will workshop  "Education in Daniel Defoe's Review:  'AN Entertaining Part in every Sheet.'"

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The eighteenth and nineteenth century works-in-progress group will provide a collegial forum in which graduate    students and faculty members can share work including master’s essays, book or dissertation chapters, and   
journal articles.  Our aims are to promote scholarly cross-century collaboration among
graduate students and   
faculty members and to increase the departmental presence of eighteenth and
nineteenth century studies.  
We hope that the works-in-progress group will facilitate graduate students’ professionalization by initiating    discussion about research, writing, and publication.  

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The 18th and 19th Century Works-in-Progress Group at the University of Washington, Seattle  
Graphic: details from Francis Coates, "Paul Sandby." 1761, Tate Britain, London; Joseph Wright of Derby, "An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump." 1768. National Gallery, London; 
William Hogarth, "Scholars at a Lecture." 1736; Thomas Gainsborough, "Mr and Mrs Andrews." 1748-49. National Gallery, London. 
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