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Call for papers


conference title: Second Wakashan Linguistics Conference / WLC 2

conference dates: 57 May 2006

conference location: University of Victoria (Victoria, BC, Canada)

deadline for preprints papers: 31 March 2006

deadline for notification of presentation: 5 April 2006

organizers: Adam Werle <werle of>, Leslie Saxon <saxon of> [replace of with at symbol]


The Linguistics Department at the University of Victoria would like to invite papers for the second Wakashan Linguistics Conference. Papers may be on any aspect of the scientific study, teaching, or second language learning of the Wakashan languages (Makah, Ditidaht, Nuuchahnulth, Kwakwala, Liqwala, Oowekyala, Heiltsuk, and Haisla).


It is expected that presentations at the conference will fall into three general groups: technical linguistics papers, updates of local language programs, and tutorials.


The purpose of tutorial presentations is for language teachers, revitalizers, and linguists to learn from each other by sharing things that are well known to some participants, but not to others. Possible topics for tutorials include successful teaching strategies, opportunities for language research, and applications of linguistics to language teaching.


We would particularly like to present a tutorial consisting of an introduction to and overview of the Wakashan language family. Interested parties please contact one of the organizers.


Papers submitted by 31 March 2006 will be distributed in a preprints volume so that participants can review them before they are presented at the conference. If you cannot or do not wish to submit a paper to the preprints volume, but would still like to present at the conference, please inform the organizers no later than 5 April 2006.


Information on travel, accommodations, and ordering the preprints volume will be circulated in a later message. Thank you,


Adam Werle and Leslie Saxon

University of Victoria



Registration and preprints


You may use this form to preregister and to order the preprints volume.


Registration. You may pre-register before 15 April 2006. The following table gives registration costs for elders, students, and non-students.


status pre-registration pre-registration on-site registration

Canadian funds US funds Canadian funds only

elders no charge no charge no charge

students, unwaged $15.00 CDN $13.00 US $20.00 CDN

non-students, professionals $25.00 CDN $22.00 US $40.00 CDN


Submitting to the preprints. Submissions to the preprints volume must be received by 31 March 2006. Submissions may be mailed as hardcopies, or emailed to the conference organizers in PDF format (see above for our email addresses). If your submission uses extensive diagrams or unusual fonts, then we recommend mailing it as a hardcopy.


Ordering the preprints. If you wish to order a copy of the preprints volume before the conference begins, we recommend that you get your order to us no later than 15 April 2006, in order that you may receive the preprints before the conference. The table below gives the price for a single volume, according to shipping destination and type of funds.


shipping destination Canadian funds US funds


no shipping $15.00 CDN N/A

shipping within Canada $20.00 CDN $17.00 US

shipping to the US $25.00 CDN $22.00 US

shipping outside Canada/US $35.00 CDN $31.00 US


Please use the following mailing address for registration, submissions to the preprints volume, and to order preprints:


Attn: Adam Werle

Wakashan Linguistics Conference

University of Victoria Linguistics Department

PO Box 3045 STN CSC

Victoria, BC V8W 3P4



Please make cheques payable to University of Victoria (f you wish, you may add a memo Wakashan Linguistics Conference).

Registration and preprints may be purchased either with Canadian funds or with US funds.


Deadline for submitting to preprints: 31 March 2006

Deadline for pre-registration: 15 April 2006

Deadline for ordering preprints (recommended): 15 April 2006





We have reserved a block of 25 single rooms and 15 double rooms for WLC participants, in a University of Victoria residence hall, for the nights of 46 May 2006 (the conference meetings will be held 57 May 2006). The cost for rooms is as follows:


single room $45.00 CDN per night ($135.00 CDN for three nights)

double room $55.00 CDN per night ($165.00 CDN for three nights)


To reserve a room, please contact Ruth Hall by email or phone:


email: <ruthhall of> (replace of with at symbol)

phone: (250-721-8657)


These on-campus rooms may be reserved only by credit card.



Maps and directions


Conference meetings will be held in MacLaurin D288.

Nutrition breaks and displays will be held in MacLaurin D283.


Directions to UVic and other information coming soon.



last updated 16 March 2006