UW Women's Center

A Letter from Co-Chairs

Dear Guests,

On behalf of the University of Washington Women’s Center Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force, thank you for attending the 2016 Economic Growth on the Backs of Global Workers: Mapping Local Strategies for Global Change Conference. It has been a pleasure working with our esteemed speakers and community to bring to you a thought-provoking and enlightening conference.

We are delighted to have the opportunity to share with you some of the ways in which we, as a community, can help build an infrastructure that deters human trafficking and support those who have been victimized. This conference is an opportunity for us to build on the work we have done for the past two decades and look ahead towards how we can eradicate the industry and care for victims/survivors.

Human trafficking and forced labor is a massive, complex, and pervasive industry, one that is impossible for a single institution to take on alone. Eradicating this trade requires a comprehensive set of initiatives that come from many organizations working in many sectors, each through their own and shared frameworks and services. This conference is just a glimpse of how our communities can come together and work towards a single cause.

Following this conference, please be on the lookout for the more events and research from the University of Washington Women’s Center including but not limited to:

  • conference proceedings highlighting the presentations and insights of all our presenters;
  • ethical sourcing/supply chain recommendations: from the Washington State Legislature and under contract with the Washington Department of Commerce, the Women’s Center is receiving proviso funding to conduct a research study on supply chain policies and labor practices, including the impact of anti-trafficking policies on market share and shareholder value, and make recommendations for legislation to encourage ethical sourcing practices. The Center will present its findings in 2017; and
  • more workshops, forums, and other activities against human trafficking.

In the coming months and years, we look forward to hearing your ideas and our shared commitment towards this work. As all of us know, only through collective effort, action, and commitment can we achieve our goal of creating a world where we can all live free of human trafficking.



Sutapa Basu, PhD Hon. Velma Veloria

Executive Director, Women’s Center

Co-Chair, WC Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force

University of Washington

Former WA State Representative (1993 – 2004)

Co-Chair, WC Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force

University of Washington