UW Women's Center

Conference Agenda


Location: UW wǝɫǝbʔaltxʷ – INTELLECTUAL HOUSE & KANE HALL 

8:00am – 9:00am Check-in & Breakfast
9:00am – 9:15am Welcoming Speakers:

9:15am – 9:30am Human Trafficking & Forced Labor Introduction Speakers:


9:00am – 11:00am Trade Agreements and Forced Migration

Our increasingly global economy and subsequent international trade agreements have created a ripe environment for the exploitation of workers and forced migration, which leaves migrants vulnerable to human trafficking. This panel focuses on the push-and-pull factors of trade that support environments conducive for human trafficking.


  • Neha Misra, J.D.– Senior Specialist for Migration and Human Trafficking at the Solidarity Center, AFL-CIO
  • Lawrence Mosqueda, Ph.D. – Professor of Political Science at Evergreen State College
  • Lynne Dodson, Ph.D.– Secretary-Treasurer of the Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO and Vice President, Washington Fair Trade Coalition

Moderator: Sara R. Curran, Ph.D. – Director of Center for Studies in Demography & Ecology

11:00am – 11:15am Break
11:15am – 12:30pm Survivors of Human Trafficking & Forced Labor

The majority of human trafficking around the world occurs in the form of non-sex labor and frequently, human trafficking is inclusive of physical and sexual exploitation. Therefore, it is imperative we approach human trafficking with a broad lens. This panel will address causes of human trafficking from the panelist’s unique perspectives and offer suggestions for prevention and/or improvements to survivor services that the audience can take back to their community and legislators.


Moderator: Emma Catague – Anti-Human Trafficking Advocate

12:30pm – 2:15pm


Tools for Social Change & Lunch Washington State has a rich history of being at the forefront of the anti-human trafficking movement and working across sectors to support survivors of human trafficking. This panel will highlight some of the services available to survivors in our community and a sample of current initiatives to provide additional services, fill gaps in the “system”, and continue to move forward with comprehensive care.

  • Hao Nguyen – Anti-Human Trafficking Program Coordinator at API Chaya
  • Lan Pham – Manager of Mayors Office on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
  • Rick Torrance – Managing Director at the Office of Crime Victims Advocacy and Public Safety, Washington State Department of Commerce

Moderator: Winona Hollins Hauge – Chair of the Community Advisory Board of Health Promotion and Research Center, UW School of Public Health

2:15pm – 3:45pm Ethical Sourcing

Businesses play a pivotal role in protecting workers around the globe through ethical sourcing and sustainable business practices. This panel offers a variety of models businesses can use to leverage their position to prevent forced labor and exploitation as well as provide consumers with the information necessary to make informed purchasing decisions.



  • Ben Hensler J.D. – Deputy Director at Worker Rights Consortium (WRC)
  • Daniel Cardozo – Ethix Ventures West Coast Sales Manager, Co-Owner and Board Member
  • Dana Raigrodski, S.J.D. – Executive Director, Global Affairs and Law Lecturer & Director, General LL.M. Program

Moderator: Mary Kay Gugerty, Ph.D. – Nancy Bell Evans Professor in Nonprofit Management at UW Daniel J. Evans School of Public Policy and Governance

3:45pm – 4;00pm Break
4:00pm – 5:15pm Student and Community Activism

Students and community members can play an influential role in urging their University, State, and local businesses to adopt policies and practices that protect workers. This panel addresses a sample of ways students and community members can influence change.


  • Teresa Mosqueda – Political and Strategic Campaign Director WA State Labor Council, AFL-CIO
  • Honorable Jeanne Kohl-Welles, Ph.D. – Metropolitan King County Council, District Four & Former State Senator
  • Sarah Rush – Associate Program Officer for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Vice President, Seattle Against Slavery Board of Director

Moderator: Honorable Velma Veloria – Washington State Representative (1993-2004)

5:15pm – 5:30pm Closing Remarks
6:30pm – 8:00pm Keynote in Kane Hall Room 130

Speaker: Peter Piot, CMG MD Ph.D. – Director of the School and a Professor of Global Health at the London
School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine


Day 2 – SATURDAY, April 23rd

Location: KANE HALL



8:30am – 9:00am Check-in, Refreshments & Posters 
9:00am – 10:30am Human Trafficking from a Public Health Lens

Health care providers are in a unique and powerful position to identify victims of human trafficking, as they may see victims while they are still under the control of their captor(s). This presents a crucial opportunity for trauma-informed, culturally sensitive and timely identification and intervention. This panel provides an overview of the public health perspective of human trafficking and focuses on best practices for physicians and all health care providers to recognize and treat victims of human trafficking.


  • Dr. Suzanne Poppema  Director of International Medical Consulting and Founding Board Member of the HEAL (Health, Education, Advocacy, Linkage) Network
  • Norma Timbang  Lecturer, UW School of Social Work

Moderator: Sutapa Basu, Ph.D. – Director of UW Women’s Center, Moderator