UW Women's Center

Our Mission

The mission of the Women’s Center is to promote and advocate for gender equity and social justice on campus and in the larger community, through educational programs and services, which allow all individuals to nurture an equitable, inclusive and compassionate society.

Women’s rights are human rights: 

We envision a society where women and men work together to transform social norms so that:

  • Everyone has a voice, and everyone matters.
  • Women are free to realize and fulfill their potential.
  • Equality of access, inclusion and leadership thrive in every aspect of society.
  • Violence and oppression against women and children are unacceptable.
  • Through education, women and men become agents of social change.
  • Our campus climate recognizes and values the unique perspective and significant contribution of female students, faculty and staff.


All of our programs and services contribute to core elements of the University of Washington’s Mission (excerpted):
The University of Washington is an integral part of a large and diverse community and seeks broad representation of and encourages sustained participation in that community by its students, its faculty, and its staff. It serves both nontraditional and traditional students. It extends educational outreach and opportunities to many who would not otherwise have access to scholarship, research, and public service.