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Movies and Documentaries

Highly Recommended

Demand (2007): This documentary exposes the men who buy commercial sex, the vulnerable women and children sold as commodities, and the facilitators of the sale within the marketplace of exploitation. 45 min

Holly (2007): An American stolen artifacts dealer comes across a 12-year-old Vietnamese girl sold by her family into prostitution. The film focuses on the attempt to bring the girl to safety. It brings to light the effort to raise awareness about child trafficking and the K11 Project. 114 min

Trade (2007): A girl from Mexico City is abducted into modern-day slavery; her brother goes on a quest to rescue her. 119 min

Sex Slaves (PBS Frontline) (2006): How five women from the struggling countries of Eastern Europe were tricked into sexual slavery, beaten by traffickers and pimps, forced to work to turn a profit–and finally escaped. Plus, a convicted Ukrainian sex trafficker talks about the multibillion dollar sex trade business, and why he sold an acquaintance for $1,000. 60 min

Human Trafficking (2005): Two-part mini-series starring Mira Sorvino, Donald Sutherland, Remy Girard and Robert Carly

Lilja 4-Ever (2003): At 16 in the former Soviet Union, Lilya is left by her mother, penniless, turning to prostitution and the horrifying life it entails. 109 min

Additional Movies


  • Anonymously Yours (2002): Four women’s stories are woven together in this documentary about Burma’s sex trafficking trade. 90 min
  • Born Into Brothels(2004): Taking on a very different vantage point than most films on the subject, this documentary focuses not on prostitutes in India, but on their children. 85 min
  • Children for Sale(2005): Dateline NBC exposes sex tourism and child sex trafficking in Cambodia.ateline documentary shot by a film crew that went undercover with a human rights group to uncover sex trafficking in Cambodia.
  • The Day My God Died: A documentary about young girls whose lives have been shattered by the child sex trade in Nepal and India. 70 min
  • Four Years in Hell (2001): The personal account of  Chakkali Bal, who age of eleven was sold into prostitution by her aunt and “husband”. 25 min
  • Girls from Chaka Street (1997): This short documentary tells the tragic story of Eva, a prostitute in Latvia, and many other underage girls like her. 15 min
  • Highway to Hell (2000): Exploring the sex trafficking trade between Nepal and India, this documentary also takes on the unique perspectives of male clients in addition to those of the trafficked girls and their families. 38 min
  • In the Name of Safety(—-): This short documentary reveals how thousands of innocent people are  jailed “for their own protection” in Bangladeshi prisons. The vast majority of them are women and children, many of the survivors of domestic abuse and rape. 23 min
  • The Peacekeepers and the Women(2003) A German documentary, which examines the booming sex-trafficking industry in Bosnia and Kosovo, and boldly explores the disturbing role of the UN peacekeeping forces and the local military in perpetuating this tragic situation. 80 min
  • Promised Land(2004): A film shown at the 2004 Venice International Film Festival about human trafficking from Eastern Europe to Israel. 88 min
  • Sacrifice: The Story of Child Prostitution in Burma(1998): This documentary explores the economic, social, and cultural forces behind the sex trafficking of girls for debt bondage from Burma to Thailand. 50 min
  • Sisters and Daughters Betrayed(1996): Video about the realities of sex trafficking and forced prostitution. 28 min
  • Stop the Traffick (2001): Set in Cambodia, Emily Marlow’s documentary explores the aftereffects of the Khmer Rouge’s brutal rule and how it has impacted the vulnerability of children in the region to the sex trade. 27 min
  • The Price of Youth(2000):  Independent filmmaker, Andrew Levine, interviews a young Nepalese girl who just escaped a Mumbai brothel that kept her enslaved for over a year. 9 min
  • The Selling of Innocents (1996)This HBO documentary exposes the trafficking in women and girls that occurs from Nepal to India, which includes several interviews with child prostitutes and people who have sold family members to the sex industry. 60 min
  • Tin Girls (2003): This is the story of Bimala and a group of Nepalese girls who, year after year, are tricked, kidnapped, and taken to different cities around India to supply the sex market. 56 min
  • Trading Women (2003): Trading Women documents the sex trafficking trade in China, Thailand, and Burma, depicted as a local and international problem. Narrated by Angelina Jolie. 77 min
  • Trafficking Cinderella(1999): Since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, there has been a marked increase in sex trafficking from the former Soviet Union to Western Europe and North America, as explored in this film.

(Core list and descriptions compiled by the Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation)