UW Women's Center


The UW Women’s Center offers academic preparation with courses that aim to increase accessibility to post-secondary education and college enrollment.  In addition, our self-defense course is designed to empower women and increase safety awareness both on campus and in the community.

Our course roster includes:

Academic development

  • SAT Prep
    The SAT I Reasoning Test is widely required by colleges and universities to assess an applicant’s potential for success. In today’s competitive atmosphere, you should not go into this test unprepared. The goal of the course is to prepare you for the test by reducing your anxiety, increasing your confidence in your abilities, and arming you with practical and proven strategies. The SAT is a standardized test that becomes easier and more predictable with practice, preparation, and keen strategy. You will get to know the test from top to bottom – how it is scored, sectioned, timed, and designed. The focus will be on strategies that work, and you will get the chance to practice these strategies. Students also taking the ACT will benefit from this course. If you need to register for the SAT, you can do so online at www.collegeboard.com, or you should see your high school counselor for a registration bulletin.
  • GRE Prep
    The purpose of this test prep workshop is to introduce the graduate school applicant to the structure, content, and logic of the Graduate Record Exam. We will share the test-process analysis, complete content review, and practice questions. We will also discuss anxiety reduction and study techniques in order to empower the student to aim to perform competitively on the GRE. Emphasis will be placed on learning appropriate timing and strategies designed to account for the adaptive nature of this complex computerized exam.
  • Basic Math Refresher
    Have your math skills grown rusty? Are you anxious about getting a good score on the Math section of the GRE or the GMAT? Build a math foundation that dovetails with the GRE or the GMAT Test Preparation Courses. This power-packed refresher course renews your abilities in the math fundamentals of Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry so that you can work more efficiently with strategies that you will develop in the Test Prep Courses.

Class Refund Policy:

  • Refunds requested prior to the start of the first class session are subject to a 5% service charge.
  • Unfortunately, no refunds are allowed once the class has begun.

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