UW Women's Center


Read what our students had to say about our classes:

“She is an excellent and supportive teacher.
Completely engaging and very supportive and sensitive to her students.”

-Telling Your Story Class

“Teacher was fantastic, encouraging, inspiring.”
-Telling Your Story Class

“Welcoming atmosphere, only once a week but productive”
-Divorce Support  



“Hands on, good explanations, open to any and all question”
-Computer Anxiety to Computer Confidence

“What I liked most was that we were forced to practice the exercises in front of the class-it helped me to overcome my fear of speaking in front of others.”
-Your Voice: The Most Important Tool in Your Career

“Theresa is an excellent teacher. I like how she gauged the students’ interest and then focused on those issues.”
-Basic Math Refresher-Probability and Statistics


“Small class sizes, lots of feedback and encouragement helped me develop my writing. The teacher’s knowledge and background was impressive.”
-Writing Class: Finding Your Voice

“The instructor is wonderful! Both the class structure and context are great; I wouldn’t change anything. I love the yoga projects.”
-Relax and Recharge Yoga