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Self Defense 101 Instructor

Self-Defense 101

Joanne Factor has been teaching safety and self-defense since 1995, including classes on the UW campus through the UW Women’s Center, ASUW Experimental College, dorms, and sororities.

As owner and trainer at Strategic Living Safety and Self-Defense, she’s taught ages 5 to 75, students and sorority sisters, homeless women and business executives, and everyone in between.

Students learn the 3 critical safety lessons: how to recognize when someone’s planning an assault; how to interrupt the assault with your voice and body language; and simple, effective, and decisive physical skills.

Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Joanne holds a BA from Cornell University, a black belt in karate, and was named Seattle’s Best Feminist Butt-Kicker in 2007 by the Seattle Weekly.


Self Defense 101

5 weeks course

Instructor: Joanne Factor 

Dates: TBA

Cost: $135


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