UW Women's Center

Statistics and Demographics

2014-15 Making Connections Participants

Grade Levels in 2014-2015 School Year

Answer                               Percentage

9                                           15.84%

10                                         25.74%

11                                         31.68%

12                                         27.72%

Do you qualify for free or reduced price lunch?

Answer                 Percentage

Yes                        84.16%


What is your ethnic background?

Answer                                              Percentage

African American                                63.37%

Asian American                                   17.82%

Caucasian                                             1.98%

Chicano/Latina                                   2.97%


Other:                                                   20.79%

Cultural and Educational Background:

How can Making Connections assist you? 

Answer                                                              Percentage

College Entrance Requirements                  89.90%

SAT/ ACT Preparation                                    83.84%

Financial Aid Assistance                                77.78%

College Application Process                         80.81%

Campus Visit or College Tour                       73.74%

Scholarship Search                                         78.79%

Other:                                                               10.10%


Is English your primary language?

Answer                 Percentage

Yes                        55.67%

No                         44.33%


How many languages do you speak?

Answer                                Percentage

One                                      12.50%

Two                                     58.33%

Three                                   23.96%

Four                                     5.21%


How much do you know about selecting a college?

Answer                                Percentage

Not Much                           26.80%

Some                                   67.01%

A lot                                     6.19%


How much do you know about applying to college?

Answer                                Percentage

Not Much                           40.21%

Some                                   51.55%

A lot                                     8.25%


How much do you know about finding funding for college?

Answer                                Percentage

Not Much                           58.76%

Some                                   37.11%

A lot                                     4.12%



Answer                                Percentage

Female                                92%

Male                                    8%


Our Making Connections program has continued to make strides, expanding our offerings to high school students across our local community. With new programs like Girls Who Code and new partnerships with local companies and other colleges, our students have held our goal of 100% of MC graduates going to college (i.e. technical, 2 and 4 year schools).