UW Women's Center


2010 Making Connections Program & Participants


  • 100% of MC’s seniors are enrolled in college.
  • 92% students are attending a 4-year institution.
  • 8% students are attending a 2-year institution.
  • With our assistance, they received a collective total of $526,352 in scholarships.
  • 70% qualify for free or reduced price lunch.
  • 56% live in single-parent families.
  • 98% are students of color.
  • 77% speak more than one language.



Martin Luther K Day of Service Project

The MLK day was a fun day that brought everyone together. It helped us bond with each other and be active in the community. Jessica Chin, Mentor

The Martin Luther King Day of Service project has been one of the most significant  volunteering activities I have participated because of how it is an annual event where people from different parts of Seattle of diverse races and ages come together to specific location in order to provide service to one of many service projects on MLK day.. –Michelle Chen, Mentee

I had a cool experience doing the MLK service. I was glad to help improve my community in the Beacon Hill area. Punning invasive species was not what I expect “park restoration” to be, and I would have dressed better, but I had fun. To see other people volunteering was nice. I think everyone should try to so something on that day – Amethyst Williams – Mentee