UW Women's Center

Re-Entry Program

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Re-entry Vision Statement

Create a safer, more harmonious community by assisting women in acquiring the education, skills and resources necessary to build self sufficient prosperous lives.

The Women’s Center’s Re-Entry Program for returning students provides assistance to dozens of women each year seeking assistance as they re-enter the academic environment, and in dealing with complex family and financial issues.

Re-entry Program provides individualized advising sessions, gathering essential information to assist reentry students in making informed decisions regarding academic and career choices. It also develops a plan of action that is attainable, and educates students in obtaining financial aid and scholarship opportunities, while providing ongoing support through mentoring, coaching and student organized support groups.

Each year the Women’s Center supports an average of 550 women who take advantage of the following services:


  • One-on-one advising appointments with Nancy Finelli. Book an appointment — call the Women’s Center at 206.685.1090. Appointments generally last one hour and are free of charge.
  • Re-Entry Orientation each fall to familiarize returning students with the University of Washington Campus and the many resources it has to offer.
  • Support Groups: Cirkolo for current students and Women’s Support Group for future students. Both groups are designed to encourage networking and relationship building during the re-entry process.
  • Assistance with scholarship & financial aid applications, college and graduate admission applications; and connecting individuals to resources that include counseling, child care, divorce support, financial aid, and continuing education.