UW Women's Center

Our 2014 Gala: Women of Courage Honorees

UW Women’s Center presented their 2014 Women of Courage Honorees for the Women of Courage: Bridging the Divide Gala on March 8. 

The 2014 Gala focused on celebrating women in Washington State who are bridging social and economic divides in our local and global communities. The women selected work to close the equity gap through actively supporting the advancement of women in a variety of industries. Here are our 15 Women of Courage and Man of Integrity. Click their names for their biography.

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WOMEN of COURAGE Honorees:

Katherine Beckett

Louise Chernin

Heidi Breeze-Harris

Katya Matanovic

Lynne Dodson

Mahnaz Aflatooni Javid

Maria Koh

Mary Larson

Holli Martinez

Anita Ordonez

Mary Pugh

Diana Rhea

Kshama Sawant

Jaqueline Sherris


Jack Slowriver